Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vogue Knitting and Postcards.

Volumes 34,39,43,45 and 46.

 On a recent trip to second hand book shop my daughter discovered a box of Vogue Knitting books from the early 1950's.They are numbered volumes but annoyingly Vogue never seem to put a publication date on these so I am only guessing.They are all in mint condition and were a scoop at a fiver each and I mean scoop as when checking for a possible date I found a copy of one them on Etsy for a staggering £38.50.Previously I have paid anything from £2.50 to £8.
Knitted dress with vertical stripes knitted and horizontal stripes embroidered.I love the sleeves and collar.
 Anyway they are absolutely filled from cover to cover with gorgeousness all mostly it would seem in 3-ply so suitable substitutions will need careful thought.

 I like this Fair Isle cardi on the front cover of one of the volumes and noticed as I briefly skimmed through the latest Boden Catalogue that Fair Isle featured quite often in its woolly offerings this coming autumn season.I have to point out here that the Boden Catalogue, due to the high price of the garments it displays, has only a brief life in our house namely the time it takes to walk from the letter box to the recycling box wherein it is speedily deposited.Anyway,so if I were to knit this I can only presume that for once I would be, to use that ghastly phrase, "on trend".
I also loved this advert on one of the back covers...

 I also picked up in the same shop two patterns from the 1940's which have the usual intricate bobble and texture patterns so I think they are going to have to be knitted at some point.These were thrown in for free as well because I bought the Vogue Knitting books!!

 And finally at a recent local flea market I came across a pack of postcards.They are not of views or landscapes but are all of photographs of individuals.Sadly none have been posted and only one has a name on so the people themselves have no identity as such...which is a shame.Again all in wonderful condition and I have picked out a few for the clothing...

Wonderful wedding dress with amazing crater -like stand up collar and puff sleeves.

Another wedding.This looks like it could have been a "posh do".Very pretty bridal veil.

Lastly my favourite postcards from the bunch.I bought the pack because of the girl with the Shire horses.I like to think that she was possibly a Land Army girl on a rare day off posing with the her young man and team of horses.Her coat is gorgeous too.

 And finally a typical seaside scene of small child about to enter the preliminary stages of having a  major strop while being watched by baleful donkeys who have seen it all many times before.


  1. I love the shape of pattern 625. I have a similar relationship with the Boden catalogue. We have asked to be taken off the mailing list but they seem reluctant to do so. I do look through it though on the way to the recycling, and my daughter now owns a pair of handmade shorts with heart shaped back pockets. I don't know where the inspiration came from! :)

    1. yes I particularly like that one too.It has a sort of open lace trellis in between the bobbles that form the diamond so that should be quite interesting!
      I had been thinking about possibly tackling some Fair Isle in the near future as I have not knitted any since my kids were little.Not being up on fashion trends I did not know that Fair Isle was likely to be "trendy" until the Boden catalogue came.They have gorgeous clothes but just too pricey for me now...definitely just another source of inspiration for us poorer folk!!

  2. It's a good job I have got more Polwarth fleece in store and some rather nice nice colours for dyeing!

  3. What fun to get your hands on these Vogue Knitting books.

    1. I was really pleased.There are just so many things in them that I want to make!!

  4. Great finds. I love bygone elegance.

    1. Thank you.I didn't really need the photos but I hadn't the heart to leave them behind all unloved and there was no way I was going to leave the pattern books behind!! I think there should be more elegance in life it seems sadly lacking when you look around.

  5. What fun books! I wonder what they would *really* have thought about their employees knitting on the job! More productive than texting and surfing the internet, though!

  6. Lovely!
    By the those issues, you'll find the publication dates either:
    a) usually on the first editorial page inside book after the initial ad pages - it's the page with a big Vogue Knitting Book headline, the editors name & edition no & editor's letter. The date is printed sideways up the page, buried in a paragraph along with the rest of the Conde Nast publishing/copyright details.
    b) failing that there will be a tiny Conde Nast info box at the bottom of the last page, facing the inside of the back cover.
    The odd numbered ones are Autumn/Winter issues published in September, the even numbers are Spring/Summer issues, published in March.
    You can guess how I know...have a few myself ;)

    1. Thank you for the information!
      I still can't find the date on lots of them but have on two issues so that's something new that I have learned.