Wednesday, 22 June 2011

MMJ-11 Update and Day 22 aka Vintage Day (with new shoes)

As my feeble brain struggled to come to terms this morning with coming into a state that remotely resembled being awake my first thought was to bemoan and wail at the very obvious signs of "wetness" coming from outside.Then I had one of those truly uplifting moments of inspiration that come very rarely to me now that I am approaching my twilight years.I arose very philosophically and went to the "wintry" section of my wardrobe (i.e,the very big plastic bag under the bed) and dug out my wool skirt with the warming thought that here was a chance to wear my new shoes.
I made this skirt a few years ago and it has on the whole lasted quite well.It is a handwoven fabric if I remember correctly in nice slate blues and greens with a touch of brown and goes very nicely with boots.I always wear the buttons to the side although on the pattern picture you can seemingly swivel the skirt around so that they are back fastening. The pattern dates from 1956 and I wore it with the blouse I have previously posted about which dates from around then too so they don't look too bad together.And my new beautiful ( well to me they are) shoes.They are the sort of shoes that make just the right sort of sound when walking on pavements not too quiet but enough oomph to clack comfortingly if you know what I mean.
Anyway,my son said it looked nice but then roped me into sorting the shed out with him so I had to change into scruffy stuff anyway.
By the way,days 17,19 0 and 21 can be seen on Flickr if you so wish.

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  1. I know that pattern! I kept coming across it when I was looking for a 50's wiggle wrap. Very smart!
    Especially with the clacky shoes!