Saturday, 27 September 2014

more art dabbles...

Helianthus type of flower?
 Picture heavy post of some of the things I have made the last week or so using my watercolour set.

 They are all flowers of some kind...some in pots some not and some with words,

Some were painted on watercolour paper postcards ready to be posted off ,others just on paper to be made into cards and others will get glued into my scrap/sketch book.

Autumn leaves

Blue goose of happiness ATC.
Inktense pencils

Yellow tulips ATC.
Inktense pencils again.
Not high art but I had fun.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

doodles and tangles

a sort of Heath Robinson-ish type of garden.
 Earlier in the year when the days were wet and gloomy and I had had serious words with the sewing machine and overlocker resulting in their banishment and a clear table I started to doodle.

I then got sidetracked into the world of tangles and Zentangle.

atc size
 I did enjoy my tangling and have seemingly left it behind at the moment to mess about with other stuff .I now have several sketchbooks full of little drawings and a load of photos (98 apparently) of the Creme de la Creme which can be seen on my Flickr stream.It did make me want to try my hand at other sorts of art "dabbling" which is something I suppose.

 I like all of the tangles I doodled but my finished product always seemed to veer away from the purely geometric and ended up with lots of floral feathery themes going on with a good scattering of pod-like things about the place.

atc size
 There are lots of blogs out there that are devoted to the art of tangling if you want to have a go and you couldn't do any better than get hold of a copy of the book "One Zentangle A Day" by Beckah Krahula or look on Pinterest or the Flickr group (here) for inspiration.


  I will have to return to tangling at some point because it is very absorbing and you are never quite sure what you will end up with.

another garden

Pearly twig bird.
He was posted off in an ATC swap...hope his new owner likes him as much as I do.
I miss him.

this reminds me of a forest.
another atc.

a  larger tangle based on one of my photos (here)

with colour!!

weird pods!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I have had a bit of a splurge printing stuff.
I have printed on fabric......

acrylic paint with a gelli plate

 on subject dividers for files....

these are being turned into envelopes...more gelli plate prints.
 on paper of all descriptions....mostly scrap stuff like the reverse of sketch pad covers which work really well...

 and through fabrics like lace ....

acrylic paint with some DIY moulding paste.

 Most of the ideas and techniques are from this book by Traci Bautista "Printmaking Unleashed".If you like getting in a mess and spending the evening removing acrylic mediums from the household pets fur then it is a must buy.

 Some of the papers I used to clean the brayer with I then doodled with flowers and cut them out to stick on envelopes and other things.This in itself is a completely addictive and absorbing activity.

  At the risk of being repetitive here are some of my papers.Only some as by the time I gathered them all up together my pile measured nearly seven inches high.Just have to think what I can do with them all now.

 Most use spray inks with stencils cut from plastic file folders or stencils from hot glue gun.

 As ever there seems to be a floral theme going on.

The last print is actually some paper that I was "protecting" the table with but it turned out really well by accident.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

stitched postcards

some of my rubber stamps
For the most part since packing away the sewing machine I have been dabbling with things more on the arty side.This has been quite enjoyable in a messy inky finger sort of way although not everything has been successful....but then is anything ever really successful.I have decided that the way to continue with the things I produce is to embrace the imperfections as unique design concepts.
an old sheet being sprayed up with inks and a stencil made with a hot glue gun.
 Anyway,I got side tracked in to the world of  Mail Art which is basically an excuse to send and receive's always nice to get something other than a credit card bill or reminder that your teeth are due a drilling...and post that is nicely decorated too.I decided to join in with some of the swaps on Mail Me Some Art  and one of the swaps falls into the category of Postcards with Stitching.

fabric stamping with one of my doodles.
 This also coincided with me discovering the addictive past time of making your own rubber stamps.I won't go into too many details about how this simple activity can start to take over your life but will just say that if you fancy the urge to be a carving addict ( and I do like to be an enabler in these things) then you can do no better than grab yourself a copy of "Carve,Stamp,Play" by Julie Fei Fan Balzer or just look on her blog and read this tutorial here.

 I have never had too many stamps before as the designs of most of them available to buy just never seemed to appeal to me but by making your own you can have something truly unique ....this is where I have learned to embrace the imperfections by the way.I am a complete novice at this....not so much a carver more of a gouger.

flower design courtesy of Dover publications.
 I "gouged" some rather large ones because I like flowers and florals and I like the scratchy background look that is reminiscent of wood block prints.Some of the designs are from my own doodles and others I have adapted from a Dover publication of floral designs available for artists and crafts people (not that I can include myself here!).

 So to cut a long and tedious. yet ink-ily interesting,story into something slightly less long and tedious,I grabbed an old sheet,sprayed it with some home made spray inks adding contrast with some home made stencils ( can you detect the home made theme going on here?),whacked a home made rubber stamp on it,dragged the sewing machine screaming and kicking back onto the table and cajoled it into stitching around the edges adding a bit of dyed lace on some in the process.

 Then I attached them to postcard blanks with some heavy gel medium (not home made) which seemed to do the trick.

I also produced some using old book papers which show off the wood block look.

Well the fabric ones have been sent off to be included in the swap and I hope that they arrive safely.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Woolly Stuff Catch-up ......

Another war time many buttonholes but fortunately you make them as you knit up the front.

Well there can be no excuses for having been silent for so long....just excessive laziness and the desire not to do anymore sewing for a while.Having had a run over the winter of sewing disasters I put the sewing machine and its obstreperous comrade in arms, the overlocker, away and apart from the odd skirmish when I want to sew some paper up they just sit there gathering dust at the moment.

looks complicated but it isn't really
 I have been making things and doing stuff but not of a sewy-clothes nature.I also started at the new year another 1940's pattern with an interesting bobble pattern which I got on quite well with despite not understanding the instructions on how to make the bobbles their way....I just winged it and they came out alright.When I got to the shoulder shaping though it looked too long ( because I used any old wool and didn't check the tension) so it has to be unpicked and started again.
Needless to say I couldn't face doing that at the time and that also has been put away....but in a less dusty place.
I didn't try it out for size on a bed until AFTER I had finished it.If I had I would have made it another few inches to have completely gone over the pillows.Pattern from issue 18 of "Simply Crochet"
 Mostly,apart from art dabbling,I have been crocheting and some of the things I have made are here others I didn't take photo's of at the time.
I made a big striped blanket out of cheap acrylic with a cushion to match for my daughter....
pattern as for blanket above

 ....another smaller blanket out of the same stuff for my sister.....

 ....two small lampshades out of bits and leftovers......

 and another larger lampshade inspiration for both of them being  found here.

So there has been a fair amount of activity going on even if I have not blogged about it.Hopefully it will not be another six months before I post again.

Saturday, 8 February 2014



a faithful friend,confirmed eccentric and willing tester of rugs.
A grand old lady who will be very much missed.
21st June 1999-7th February 2014.

Rag Rug

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Printing and a Pie

An Urban Rustic original print!
 In an effort to be more spontaneously creative, as opposed to just following instructions as with my sewing,knitting and crochet I have tried to be a bit more arty and crafty.This has had limited results because while I have been able to produce something I am quite pleased with,like my snowmen gift tags,I have still had to follow instructions provided by someone else.Well perhaps one day I might come over all spontaneous ...but it's not happening just yet.

my pile of prints starting to amass.

 My Christmas painting exploits were all due to the expert guidance and encouragement of Lindsay aka The Frugal Crafter and recently she very kindly uploaded a video tutorial on printmaking.I say kindly because she did so following a request for printmaking tips I left  on her blog....what a generous soul to share all of her knowledge so willingly!
One of my blocks made from craft foam,the design pressed on with one of those embossing tool and inked up
with inktense blocks.
 I am not going to go into all of the gritty details here because you couldn't do any better than to watch Lindsay's tutorial (here) if you fancy having a go yourself.
Does anyone else work with all this clutter going on?
 It really isn't at all complicated,is GREAT fun and is absolutely ADDICTIVE.I spent a very happy morning and ended up with a small forests worth of printed paper....not to mention very grubby fingers.Then again I am sure the saying "messy fingers happy mind" must have skittered at some point through the mental processes of the like of dear old Leonardo and his chums.

At the risk of being boring here are more prints...just humour me please!
 Anyway,it might look amateurish to some out there but I was pleased and I even managed to cobble together a card for an upcoming family birthday so win win all round!!

The one and only card so far produced from all of that effort.
 And what of the pie I can hear you all demanding to know? Well as some of you know I don't cook I at best partially incinerate.But! This week end I excelled myself and produced a pie....from Christmas/New Years leftovers...and it was edible!!Yay good times.
Veggie version of a Chicken and Leek other words a Quorn and Leek Pie
                                                                       A big
                                                                   "Thank you!"
                                                               to the wonderful
                                                                 Frugal Crafter
                                              for taking the time to answer my query.